Joining as a Parent

We welcome and encourage you as a parent of a Cadet to become actively involved in the Air Cadet Program. There are several ways that you can be involved with 861 Silverfox.

Air Cadet League of Canada (ACLC) Member/ Volunteer
Without volunteers the Cadet Program simply would not exist. We need the help of volunteers and we also need to ensure the safety of our children (Cadets). If you wish to volunteer/ help out with the Cadets on more than two occasions throughout the Cadet year we strongly encourage you to become a member/ volunteer of the ACLC.

Becoming a member/ volunteer is relatively easy you must complete an application form, have a police records check completed, and have a brief interview with two members of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee. The only expense to you may be the police records check which is waived for youth volunteerism in some areas.

The forms listed below are linked from the BC ACLC website. If you are not able to download them please let us know and we will update the links or obtain hard copy of the forms for you. Each of these forms is required for application to the ACLC as a Member, Member Volunteer, or Non-Member Volunteer. These and other related forms can be found on the BC ACLC Website – Screening Information.

Specific Forms

  1. Air Cadet League Member Application Form – completion of this additional form is required, in addition to the Volunteer Application above, for anyone wishing to become a voting member of the ACLC. Membership status allows you to vote for the Sponsoring Committee executive, and other major decisions made by the Committee.
  2. Air Cadet League Volunteer Application/ Screening Forms Package – completion of these forms are required for anyone wishing to volunteer.
  3. Member, Member Volunteer, Non-Member Volunteer Verification Form – this form explains and confirms which level of participation you wish to be involved.