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861 Silverfox Squadron has a very active band program comprised of two key components. We have both; a Military Marching Band, and a Pipe and Drum Band. Although these are distinct and separate components they come together for practice on the same nights and for certain numbers and ceremonies.

Military Marching Band
Military Band is an active part of the 861 Silverfox Squadron. Any cadet may participate, even those without any prior musical knowledge or instruments of their own. Cadets in the band not only receive weekly instruction but also participate in annual band clinics. The military band performs at all C.O.’s parade nights, The Battle of Britain Ceremony, Canada Day Parade, Remembrance Day Parade, Abbotsford Downtown Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, and many other special events. Many of our cadet musicians have participated in the Tri-Service Lower Mainland Honour Band clinics and concerts. The Military Band competes annually in the Tri-Service Lower Mainland Band Competition. Additional practices, over and above the weekly Cadet Training Night, are required in order for Cadets to reach a proficiency level suitable for participation at the band competition.

Pipe and Drum Band

The Pipe and Drum component is essentially what the name suggests, it consists of bagpipes and drums and focuses on music tailored for their unique sound.  This component also participates and many local and outside area events and celebrations, and competes in various local and regional competitions.

Honour Band /Choi &Park