Medals and Awards

Below are some brief summaries and links to application forms for the various awards available to Cadets.

Cadet Award for Bravery

The Cadet Award for Bravery may be awarded by the Canadian Forces to Cadets who perform outstanding deeds of valour involving risk of their own lives in saving the lives or property of others.

861 Silverfox Recipients: Simon GRANT, WO (March 08, 2012)

ACL Service Medal (current cadets)

All Air Cadets are eligible for the Air Cadet Service Medal after four years of continuous service. An eligible cadet will complete this application and submit it to the Commanding Officer of the Cadet Squadron for recommendation. It will then be approved by the Cadet Squadron Sponsoring Committee and a copy forwarded to the Provincial/Territorial Committee of the Air Cadet League of Canada for presentation. 

WJPA Continuation Pilot Training Award

The West Jet Pilots’ Association Continuation Pilot Training Achievement Award is presented to one of the top graduates of the pilot training award. Each Provincial Committee may nominate one candidate for this award.

ACL Music Awards For Excellence

To promote music in the Air Cadet Movement, The Air Cadet League of Canada has established annual Music Awards for outstanding Air Cadet musicians. Two Awards are presented annually: one to an outstanding Air Cadet Pipe Band Musician; and one to an outstanding Air Cadet Military Band Musician. Each Award is an Air Cadet League gold watch.

Pilot Training Achievement Award

The purpose of the awards is to provide pilot training achievement awards to selected graduates of the Air Cadet Flying and Gliding Scholarship Program. Awards average $300.00 in value.

Dale and Birchall Scholarship Award Application

Accruing from gifts received from Air Commodore Leonard Birchall and Mrs. Kathleen Birchall, and from Robert and Mary Dale scholarships are offered annually. The awards are open to students that are members of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets during the year of application, and they are awarded on the basis of Secondary School scholastic achievement, combined with outstanding performance as an Air Cadet. The amount of the award will be determined annually, and it will be dependent upon the earnings of the investment trust. Each applicant will be considered for both awards, but a recipient may receive only one award.

CASARA Foundation Bursary

The Civil Air Search and Rescue Association Foundation Bursary is presented to one of the top graduates of the pilot training program. Each Provincial Committee may nominate one candidate for this award.  The final selection will be made by the National Honours and Awards Committee.