Christmas Wreath Orders

It’s that time of year again- the Christmas Wreaths are now available for order.

Orders will be due back by Nov. 11th (even though we do not parade that night, parents have opportunity to catch up with one of the directors at the Remembrance Day Parade).

Pick up will be on the Wed. Nov. 25th Parade night.

If you have any questions, please check in at the Parent desk at the end of the night or email


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CO’s Parade and Promotions

The first Wednesday of every month is know as CO’s Parade. During this special evening, the Cadets are often treated to special guest speakers and/or presentations from various organizations in order to broaden their knowledge of opportunities available to them.

Last night we had the privilege of hearing a wonderful presentation from F/Sgt Gill about his International Exchange Trip to China from this past summer. The International Exchange Trip is one of the many Scholarship camps available to Cadets and the competition is fierce as there are a very limited number of spots available for each camp. Thankfully, the 861 Sponsoring Committee has a great program in place to help prepare the Cadets for their Board Interviews.

Thank you, F/Sgt Gill for giving us a small snapshot of the amazing experience that you were able to have.


After that, we had 135 Cadets preparing for the first CO’s Parade of the Training Year. It was great to see so many of our new Cadets in uniforms and to watch them in their first inspection and march past. A big thank you to the Sgts and F/Sgts who have stepped up into leadership roles of the different flights and are helping the new cadets find their way. Maj. Taylor was pleased!

Before ending the night, we were able to congratulate WOII Benton on his promotion to WO1.

F/Sgt Danoit on her promotion to Squadron Warrant Officer.

And finally, congratulations to Sgt Hayer on obtaining his Bugler badge at the Immediate Band Summer Camp. This is the first time in a very long time that 861 has had a Bugler at the Squadron- so well done!

Great job, Cadets! Here’s to the start of another great year!

Liberator KK-241 Memorial Cairn Dedication

On Saturday afternoon over 50 cadets were privileged to participate in the Liberator KK-241 Memorial Cairn dedication at Thompson Park in Chilliwack, BC.

The Liberator KK-241 crashed 30 minutes after taking off from Abbotsford Airport on June 1, 1945 after failing to clear Mt. Welsh. The loss of the 11 airmen was the single biggest wartime loss of life and resulted in the largest search ever commenced in order to locate the downed plane. After more than 2 weeks of searching, the wreckage was discovered and due to the harsh terrain, recovery of the airmen was not possible and they were buried on the mountain.

Thinking that a more significant memorial should be placed in a more accessible place, cadets from 861 had hiked up the mountain and created a memorial cairn at Airplane Creek (the search command site during the original rescue efforts) in June 1983. Every year the cadets would hike up there to maintain the cairn that they had built. Unfortunately, bad weather one winter eroded the bank and changed the course of the river so much that despite their best efforts- the cairn could not be located.

Thankfully, the cairn was located face down in the creek about a mile away by the cadet from 147 Airwolf in Chilliwack, BC.

From there, Lt. Ron Shore and Legion members began plans for a permanent memorial that was readily accessible by all.

The moving ceremony included family and friends of the deceased airmen from the UK, Norway and New Zealand.

“Only the forgotten are truly dead.”
― Tess Gerritsen, The Sinner

May we never forget.

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